At the root of my practice lies a fascination with the basic elements of human existence. Without question, we are born into this world and grow up in a society that is structured by certain beliefs, norms, and values. But the place where we are born is only one of many, and these structuring elements vary greatly throughout the world. We need to find a way to navigate life and relate to each other. But how do we do this? Whilst many aspects of life are determined by where we are born, certain tendencies and behavioral traits can be found in every human being independent of culture or time in history.  

With our society becoming increasingly complex, and our preoccupation with the day-to-day, these tendencies are frequently overlooked. At times it seems we're losing touch with our nature. This contributes to confusion and alienation of each other as well as the world we live in. In reaction, I investigate inherently human tendencies and traits, since they are the elements that bind us and our environment.


Niel de Vries (b. 1994, NL)

2019 Nocturne (solo), BAEK, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Linear Experiments (solo), Dit is Uit de Kunst, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Lost in Transition (solo), Kaapse Maria, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Opening event De Kroon (group), De Kroon, Rotterdam, NL
2018 Affordable Art Auction (group), MONO, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Paper making workshop, De Hoekstee, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Screen printing workshop, Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Open workshop, Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, NL
2018 Introduction to screen printing, MiddFest, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Meet the Artist, Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Mural, YouHoud international exchange project, Melilla, ES
2019 Mural, De Wasserij
2019 Curtain design & printing, CIC Rotterdam
2018 Design & printing cover art, Somewhere in Between LP, The Data Artist