photo: Seb Koudijzer

At the root of my practice lies a fascination with the universal tendency of creation and the conjoined balance between composition and decomposition. The continual state of transformation is apparent throughout the cosmos but chafes with our contemporary society where security, stability, and predictability have become valued ambitions and the idea of a makable life provides a false sense of control. In reaction, I investigate the process of transformation and embrace the involved unpredictability. I focus on inherent and facilitated processes and tendencies of materiality and I am interested in materials thingness, its physical existence, and as manifestations of the transformative processes.


Niel de Vries (b. 1994, NL)

2019 Nocturne (solo), BAEK, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Linear Experiments (solo), Dit is Uit de Kunst, RTM, NL
2019 Lost in Transition (solo), Kaapse Maria, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Opening event De Kroon (group), De Kroon, Rotterdam, NL
2018 Affordable Art Auction (group), MONO, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont, USA

Awards & Grants
2019 VSC Artist's Grant

2019 CBK Rotterdam Incidental Contribution International Project 

2019 Paper making workshop, De Hoekstee, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Screen printing class, Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Open workshop, Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, NL
2018 Introduction screen printing, MiddFest, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Meet the Artist, Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, NL
2019 YouHood, Hip-Hop in je Smoel, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Exterior mural, YouHoud international exchange project, Melilla, ES
2019 Interior mural, De Wasserij, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Panel curtain design & production, CIC Rotterdam, NL
2018 Cover art, Somewhere in Between LP, The Data Artist, Rotterdam, NL

Works held in private collections in Rotterdam, Aruba and Virginia, USA