My works are driven by my interest in our ability to read the world around us, to listen to what our environment can tell us about it, and about ourselves. I find it fascinating that we can recognise human traits and emotions in non human objects. I believe that by viewing the world this way we can make our daily experience richer and achieve an increased sense of connectedness. 

I am inspired by the abstract expressionists and early minimalists due to their intrinsic approach and sometimes mystical works, as well as the writings of Alain de Botton and George Nelson because of their thoughtful view of our built environment and their research into aesthetics. 


Niel de Vries (b. 1994, NL) 

2019 Nocturne (solo), BAEK, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Linear Experiments (solo), Dit is Uit de Kunst, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Lost in Transition (solo), Kaapse Maria, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Opening event De Kroon (group), De Kroon, Rotterdam, NL
2018 Affordable Art Auction (group), MONO, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Paper making workshop, De Hoekstee, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Screen printing workshop, Grafisch Lyceum, Rotterdam, NL
2019 Open workshop, Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, NL
2018 Introduction to screen printing, MiddFest, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Meet the Artist, Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, NL

2019 Mural, De Wasserij
2019 Curtain design & printing, CIC Rotterdam
2018 Design & printing cover art, Somewhere in Between LP, The Data Artist