photo credit: Hanwen Zhang

 In my work I ask questions about the landscapes I inhabit, and coming from the low-countries my investigations have focused on riverscapes. I wonder what it means to be a river-dweller in times when these watery environments, which are so central to life, are under threat by ecological collapse. Thinking and working with rivers is useful in imagining alternative ways of being on this planet, as they bring to light flaws in dualistic thinking.

My practice consists of making excursions along the river where each time I attempt to understand yet another dimension of these ecosystems. Sometimes I join scientists in the field, observing the ways they work with the river; other times I scavenge the banks and beaches for materials to use in my projects. River mythologies and archaeology also inform my practice. I bring these experiences together in performative lectures, public interventions, and gatherings with the aim to open up my questions and to start a dialogue.

I consider myself an amateur naturalist, a tinkering organizer, and a riverside bricoleur

e: info@nieldevries.com | ig: nieldevries

'23 MFA - In-Situ, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE
'20 BFA (summa cum laude) - In-Situ, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, BE
'12 BBA, Rotterdam University of Applied Science, NL

'24 Full House, Kleine Goddaert artspace, Antwerp, BE
'23 /kom.po’zi.ci.o/ Kunstenfestival Watou, Watou, BE

'23 Academy 360, Antwerp, BE
'22 Still life, Landscape, Ecosystem , Antwerp, BE
'21 Historie, Heesters en Meesters  Antwerp, BE
'19 Nocturne, BAEK, Rotterdam, NL
'19 Linear Experiments, Dit is uit de Kunst, Rotterdam, NL
'19 Lost in Transition, Kaapse Maria, Rotterdam, NL

'24 Volle Leegte - Buitenplaats Brienenoord, Rotterdam, NL
'22 Lazaretto Volontario, Sint-Truiden, BE
'22 Patchwork, Watou, Be
'22 Knockvologan Studies, Knockvologan, Scotland
'19 Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont, USA

Projects & Commissions
'19 YouHood EU exchange program , Melilla, ES
'19 Mural commission, De Wasserij, Rotterdam, NL
'19 Panel curtain design & production, CIC, Rotterdam, NL

'23 Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

'19 Vermont Studio Center Artist's Grant
'19 CBK Rotterdam International Project Grant

Hosted workshops
'20 Material study workshop, SKVR, Rotterdam, NL
'19 Paper making workshop, De Hoekstee, Rotterdam, NL
'19 Screenprint workshop, Mesh Print Club, Rotterdam, NL