As The Crow Flies (2022)

On Isle of Mull, Scotland, I investigate the ruins of old farming settlements named croit in Gaelic or crofts in English. The remaining walls of these settlements are spread trough out the landscape. I consider these walls as skin and wonder what the skin knows. The walls are made of granite which finds itself at the surface of the earth, not that different from our skin on the surface of our bodies. I draw a temporary croit on the beach and
invite the local inhabitants of Knockvologan for three experiments. These focus on our sensory relation to walls in general and the specific stones of Mull. In one of the houses we close our eyes and feel the stones, we spend time with them, how do they feel? In the second house, we write about memories we have about the walls we have spent a lot of time around. In the third house how we try to build a wall with our bodies. The next day the tide washed away the croit.