Latent Energy no.1 - 100 x 200 cm - private commission

Paper has been made for centuries, with the oldest findings going back to 140 BC. By delving into this ancient process, I'm exploring a far strethcing and inspiring history and interweaving this with contemporary applications.

What seems to set humans apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is the ability to contemplate our own existence. But a good life is rarely filled only with contemplation. Finding our way through the world asks of us an active role in which we 'do'. This balance between activity and contemplation is the starting point for my paper making. The ancient process of an under-appreciated material requires patience, time, focus and is a highly tangible activity to partake in. I contrast the physical process of papermaking with the spiritual.

The Nocturnal and Latent Energy series consist of multiple works on self made cotton paper. By applying multiple layers of ultramarine pigment, a deep textured color cloud is created that has a mysterious atmosphere. This forms the background for a simple figure in varnish, which under some conditions appear to be nearly absent but comes alive once light hits it. With these works I try to give space for contemplating ambiguity and appreciating subtlety.  

IMG_0804 2

Latent Energy no.2 - 80 x 120 cm - private commission

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